Design July, 2 2012

David Lynch for Dom Pérignon – Champagne Bottles

We do not seek to blow any minds by stating that David Lynch is totally awesome. But we are fans of the dude—and his hair—and are duly intrigued by his partnership with big name Champagne vintners Dom Pérignon. The creative homebody got down with some signature bottle and package designs for their Vintage 2003 and Rosé Vintage 2000, which he shot using welding torches, light filtered through crystals and smoke machines to create an apt mood.

“It’s a special occasion,” Lynch says of his requirements for drinking the stuff. “But, like I say, I learned a lot about what goes into Dom Pérignon. So now when I take a drink, it is a very rich experience.” No word on how a bubbly buzz affects his mind-spelunking sessions of transcendental meditation.