Art July, 3 2012

Horn Please – Photography from the Indian Highway

Brooklyn photographer, Dan Eckstein, documents the world of the India truck highways and the people behind the wheels in his new photography exhibition, “Horns Please.” Over the course of two trips to India, Eckstein traveled the various highways of India’s Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana states with his guide Sukkhi Singh exploring the people and vehicles used to carry commerce and more across the vast country.

“The men who drive these trucks do not have it easy but clearly take pride in their work. They work long hours in dusty and dirty places but seem to revel in the camaraderie of the other drivers and the excitement of the open road. The young drivers seem especially satisfied as they pull out onto the highway with their music blaring and windows down.”

The “Horn Please” exhibition is currently on display at the 18th Annual Reunion Art Exhibition at Skidmore College’s Frances Young Tang Museum. Prints from “Horn Please” are also available online. We present a selection of the photography from the “Horns Please” in our gallery.