Food & Beverages July, 6 2012

Beer | Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean

If you talk to spirit distillers, sometimes they will get a little giddy about how their craft allows them to harness the very essence of a given ingredient. Sip a really proper Apple Whiskey (for example) and you instantly realize that they are speaking truth. Things get a little muddier with beer, where high-concept flavor schemes often get pummeled by malts and/or hops.

The brewers at Stone know what the hell they are doing, so it is no great surprise that their Smoked Porter with vanilla bean brings a wash of flavors that taste purely of their origins: peat-smoked malt and vanilla bean. The idea behind the beer came from one of Stone‘s small batch brewers who “had a stroke of genius after trying Stone Smoked Porter poured over a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.” That sounds like the essence of fucking delicious over here on a Friday afternoon.