Books & Magazines July, 6 2012

Wallpaper* Handmade Issue – Bespoke Covers

If you had asked even the fancier man on the street five or so years ago what “bespoke” meant, he might have answered “something to do with bike tires?” Different story today, however, as there all sorts of things being made-to-order to your distinct liking. “Bespoke” is derived from the verb “bespeak” which means to utter some shit—the idea being, you verbally instruct and the tailor, or, in this case, the magazine publisher makes your words into tangible reality.

Among others, Wallpaper* invited Alan Kitching, Quentin Jones, Anthony Burrill, Tom Hingston, Margaret Calvert, Rob Ryan and James Joyce (though not the Irish one with the eyepatch)  to design a series of covers that readers were asked to vote on and hit with some creative direction. Word went out via Twitter and we are told folks had the opportunity to “select their own favorite—which will be personalized, printed, bound and delivered to their door.” Winning designs hit stands late next week.