Accessories July, 6 2012

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie – O’Hare Olympic Tote

As reported today on SnobetteWANT Les Essentiels de la Vie has unleashed a series of O’Hare tote bags celebrating some big summer sports rodeo type thing everyone seems to be talking about. It is called The Olympics, and it must be a big deal because the bags are made from organic cotton and Italian calf leather. Plus, these Olympics have their own flag bearing the same five colors the bags come in.

“The Olympic Games is one the most compelling pursuits of excellence that exists in
sport and representative of life itself,” we are told. “The metaphors surrounding the Olympic Games and shared by the brands core values; world cooperation, international compatibility and peak performance have been incorporated into the design of the bag.” Apparently the big event begins in one-month’s time in a large metropolis overseas called “London.” We are leaning a lot today.