Accessories July, 9 2012

Travelteq – Trash Navy Laptop Bag

So you are probably all like, “Navy? This laptop bag looks tan as hell.” To which we are all like, “We know, dude, but check out the nylon lining in the gallery. It is totally navy!” Furthermore, this handy bastard from those pragmatists over at Travelteq comes in three sizes: the Original (for MacBooks up to 15.4 inches), the Messenger (has a shoulder strap) and a special model for those big art directors with 17-inch lappies.

“All bags come with practical compartments inside for all needs and outside compartment for your plane ticket, business cards, sunglasses or mobile phone,” we are told. “The inside has a shock resistant compartment for your laptop. The outer leather strip is meant to attach to trolley and it also hides a pocket for your newspaper.” To which we are all like, “Sweet.”