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These floppy Zara Seamed Bermuda shorts drew a lot of ire from readers when I posted them back in May. Some subtle points were made about their harem crotch (“embarASSing!”) but my attraction remained. I ordered up a pair and when they arrived in the mail, another complaint received rang true: “Zara’s sizing is fucked.”

I had hesitated at ordering a large (even though the sizing chart said they would fit a 32-inch waist) and they arrived too big. A couple of weeks later, the mediums came out of the box feeling not much smaller. Still, the pants were about as comfy as marshmallow pillows so I didn’t take them off for a few days.

The crotch is intense, and draws continual comments. One reason I enjoy its bagginess is that it feels similar to the low-crotched fat pants I wore as a young skater in the early ’90s. That bit of nostalgia coupled with a very high comfort quotient (read: balls can breathe easy) have made these a fine summer garment.

The construction quality is a tad dubious—what with the front button now held in pace by a single strand of thread after only a month of wear. They also look best when the fabric is tight from being in a hot dryer. What you are seeing in the gallery above is the sag and neglect of about 10 wears without washing.

Even cheaper now at $40, the shorts are relatively thirfty, as are most of Zara’s goods. A portion of their menswear is also a touch avante garde, so the low price point makes the retailer a good testing ground for strange new designs and fits. Rick Owens, here we come.


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  • zendr

    exactly how big are your balls that they need that much room to breath. this diaper short should only be worn in the privacy of your own home with the shades drawn.

  • h cao

    Hmm they just like harem pants in short form. I really don’t see what’s wrong with them at all. In fact this style of pants is worn quite frequently by males in Asia…in fact many male celebrities there wear these during broad daylight in their performances…

  • mimi

    love the bulge pic

  • Michael

    I ordered some online and they came with a broken zipper and a hole in the place of one of the pockets. Swiftly returned.

  • Justin

    Is this still an “issue”? Drop crotch trousers have been around for years: Comme des Garcons, Damir Doma, Julius_7; its ridiculous that any “fashion” website is still making a fuss over them, even one such as this. How is this a bigger “controversy” than your Black Metal Serfwear series?