Food & Beverages July, 11 2012

Beer | Rogue Juniper Pale Ale

We are probably in the minority, but when we hear the words “Gin Blossoms” we think of burst capillaries on the bulbous noses of cantankerous old drunks rather than “Hey Jealousy.” Juniper berries have a bad rap—mostly for being integral to a delicious spirit that has a reputation for driving heavy users uniquely mad. This Rogue Juniper Pale Ale reclaims some of the little fruit’s dignity in a mellow, understated brew.

The berries are there, but they don’t linger on the licker. Instead they allow the beer to open big and wide with a bright and crispy attack. You catch pin-pricks of the stuff in-between slugs, but mostly this is just a sturdy, easy-drinking pale ale with just a hint of idiosyncrasy. Three in one sitting, and not a hint of madness.