Fashion July, 12 2012

Jil Sander Camel Sweater – T-Rex

Sweater-weather will soon rear its head like a ravenous, cold-blooded carnivore and we have got to be ready. Answering the call, this Jil Sander camel sweater stomps into our personal space, sending ripples through our coffee. Just look at those snarling Tyrannosauruses Rex on the breast of this softy.

“Raf Simons’ final collection at the helm of Jil Sander is an exploration of the male psyche,” Oki-Ni explains. “Exploring man’s fascination with dinosaurs, this thick camel blend jumper is a rich winter style that has a childlike innocence and simplicity,” Word. My five-year-old would love borrowing this one from my closet come January. Looks trim enough that it might even fit him.