Accessories July, 18 2012

AEM Spar Bag – Ghostly

This creamy AEM Spar Bag does something pretty fancy. “It pivots from open to closed on stainless steel clevis pins from a veg tan shoulder strap with a handmade stainless adjustment hook,” we are told. It’s labeled reversible, and while it doesn’t look like it would turn inside-out so easily, you can carry it flipped over with the pockets out—handy if you are delivering sandwiches.

Thing is plenty fetching with a ghostly complexion creating an aura of gentle menace (like maybe one of those sandwiches is laced or something). “18 Ounce khaki or blue canvas affixed to a tapered hard maple spar with clenched copper ship nails … a smaller pocket [is] accessible no matter which way the bag is situated to keep smaller items handy.” Available online.