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Are we drinking Scotch from mason jars? At present, yes. Not much call for highball glasses around the house, so the arrival of this Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Toiteach demanded adaptive measures. We went in curious, as the fuel seeks to answer the question: “What if a touch of smoke from our peated malted barley was introduced in the distillation process?” We are told that “Toiteach” means smoky in Scots Gaelic, and smoky this bright stuff is.

And that’s bright in color and character. While the Scotch does have the iron underpinnings of scorched earth and leather, it coasts across the tongue on rocket fuel. It also has a habit of hanging around your mouth for a few hours, which is probably a lot of fun it you are smoking cigars, but the closest thing we had was a party horn.


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  • LarryB

    Ice? Open it up with a little water, maybe, but ice doesn’t really belong anywhere near a single malt. (I’ll confess to being a bit of a snob about this.)

  • sheep chase

    Ice in a single malt? On Selectism? Damn.

  • Single Malt Scott

    This is a great whisky. I find that ice tends to kill off some of the flavours in single malt. But I suppose it’s a matter of choice.


    I just saw ice in that glass. What a shame. Clearly, you’re not a real single malt drinker. What a shame. This is a beautiful Islay that you turned into “Coors Light.”. Fine work. Are you a Brooklyn hipster?

  • R Michael Small

    Ice? :faint:

  • R Michael Small

    Ice? :faint: