Phocus – iPhone Camera Adapter Kit

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Arizona based Phocus throw their hat into the iPhone accessory ring. Their contribution is a contraption that slides onto your phone and allows you to fit various lenses as well as supplying a shoe mount to hold microphones, lights etc. Supplied with wide angle and macro lenses, your iphone can be fitted onto a tripod if you’re getting fancy, all the while allowing you to access the phones basic functions. What a world.


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  • Bob

    It’s a shame their product is so interesting! I have it’s predecessor, OWLE for 3Gs. I was having several problems with the OWLE, and their team made promises they didn’t even try to keep when discussing ways to resolve these problems. Later on, they just ditched the OWLE, changed names and moved on to Phocus for the iPhone 4. Their crappy customer service IS NOT WORTH the investment in this gadget. They wouldn’t stand behind their product, and now I am the owner of a really nifty looking paperweight! Brilliant.