Accessories July, 27 2012

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Bright, Bold Backpacks

Backpacks are always welcome on these pages. From those functional tech types to the ever popular olden days canoe packs, we’ve featured our fair share and will to continue to support the carrying of goods in this hands free manner. Backpacks just make lugging things about easier. Here we present our top six of the bright, bold, loud and proud variety with appearances from the likes of Yuketen, Topo Designs, Visvim and Epperson Mountaineering.

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VisvimCanvas Flora 20L

Visvim, you clever clogs. This backpack will be your workhorse and your goodlooking best friend with its amazing washed floral pattern and numerous zips, pockets and straps. It holds 20L of fun, adventure and dreams.


Topo Designs – Klettersack

Topo could fill this guide with their colourful take on the mountain pack. These look great but at the forefront of this Colorado operations mind is, yep function. 1000d Cordura, natural leather lash tabs. The Klettersack is a best seller for obvious reason.

Bag ‘n’ NounCanvas Napsac

Little yellow here won’t see you right on your trek to the Andes but if you’re after something buttery to carry your cassette player and ham sandwiches in then look no further.

Epperson MountaineeringClimb Pack

Epperson love colour and aren’t afraid to mix and match. This pack was the starting point for this guide, built on 30 years of experience and more than happy to draw attention to itself.

WatershedBig Creek

This bag, alongside it’s shiny blue goodness, is also super useful being completely watertight from top to bottom. Welded seams and zip-dry closures mean this is just as useful on a canoe or a rainy bike ride.

YuketenTriangle Waxed Backpack

Yuketen dominate in the shoe game, they’re pretty handy when it comes to bags too. This popular model in that triangle, almost teardrop shape brings together orange waxed canvas and natural leather to create something bang on.