Accessories July, 30 2012

Tender – ‘Hands On’ Mechanical Wrist Watch

Tender branch out with a selection of accessories via their Trestle Shop. One of many noteworthy items, this mechanical watch that would be right at home over in our Buyer’s Guide. An English watch with a Swiss movement, the design is based on driver’s timepieces from days gone by, “the dial is rotated by 45° to make the watch easily readable without taking your hands off the wheel of a car. The ‘Explorer’ dial has numerals at 3,6, and 9 o’clock, with Tender‘s Plautus brand at 12 o’clock.” This isn’t a watch for deep sea diving and we wouldn’t describe the movement as hi-tech. However this watch is as solid as it is goodlooking and may just save you from swerving into a tractor. Find it here.