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Don’t think we have ever been compelled to throw packing tape at you before, but this is special packing tape. X Tape takes a simple, brilliant idea and runs with it to splendid effect. Clear packing tape printed with images of hinges, bolts and leather straps. It is always exciting getting a package, but seeing a cardboard box on your doorstep that, at first glance, looks to be sealed with o-rings would be a special kind of thrill. Available online.

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  • AG

    Such a simple idea that really would take mail/internet orders to a nice place. Wish it was around 10 years ago!

  • ksuh84

    Pretty damn awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/tommy_burkart Tom Burkart

    where online??

  • Chiyogamimusum

    A Store on Etsy “MechaKucha808″ is selling both the Hinge and Strap tape for only $15.00 a roll…the cheapest I’ve found so far…