Fashion August, 3 2012

Rick Owens Sleeveless Dress

I had the opportunity to share the Rick Owens Spring 2013 collection with a group of young authors this week. The intense looks sparked some great writing exercises—the clogs, leg warmers and tunics were all juicy cannon-fodder—but a handful of girls in the class continually returned to his dresses. They wanted to see men in dresses.

This Rick Owens Sleeveless Dress comes from his Fall Winter 2012 collection and is exactly what it sounds like. No sleeves; floor-length dress. Seeing Owens’ drop crotch pants enough times definitely got me to a place where I picked up some cheapo rendition shorts from Zara. Not sure how many times I would have to see his dresses to feel the urge. That number may not even exist, but I am sure glad Rick Owens does. Oki-ni has it.