Books & Magazines August, 7 2012

Fricote Issue #7 – French Urban Food and Cuisine Magazine

I discovered Fricote magazine in the basement of our Berlin office set atop a stack of skate rags. What caught my eye was the “L’Epicrien Urbain” tagline. Not many cuisine or food magazines would consider adding this to their cover, but considering that Fricote comes an alum of France’s Shoes-Up Magazine, it all makes sense.

Fricote is a bi-lingual affair with content written in both French and English (we see hints of more Japanese content coming down the road as well). Inside the coverage is all things food: from techniques in cooking, to label and packaging retrospectives revolving around the food theme. Food battles around tomato-crevettes, picnic idea, interviews and beautiful photo editorials…

Fricote is highly recommended for cuisine and food lovers and it sits well with Lucky Peach, Put a Egg on It, and others in the progressive cuisine mags that are moving the market into new modern territory.