UNIQLO Pop-up Store in San Francisco – A Look Inside

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117 Post Street in San Francisco plays host to the new UNIQLO Pop-Up Experience – open today. Running through the end of September, the SF UNIQLO Pop-Up Experience features a selection of products from the UNIQLO collection and offer the West Coast a taste of things to come from the Japanese basics maker who plan to open their official store this Fall on Powell Street.

With plans to open more than 200 new stores in the U.S.A. in the next eight years, UNIQLO is quickly taking on GAP and H&M territory. “UNIQLO’s signature product lines including Heattech, Ultra Light Down, colorful cashmere, fleece, UT t-shirts and denim.”

We take a look inside…

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  • pete

    Isn’t UNIQLO a Korean company?

    • ww

      Richest man in Japan owns Fast Retailing, i.e. Uniqlo

    • sam

      Haha nationalism….no….veryJapanese….man..I cant believe my little secret shops from the late 90s in Japan are now global..200 in the us?!? Thats nuts

  • zzz

    This Uniqlo popup store was such a disappointment. It was minuscule in size and the workers werent friendly