Buyer’s Guide – Six Smart Ties

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Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

A short guide to our top six ties. Neckwear has taken a beaten in the past few years – Off duty sportsmen and their wide clown knots, the bowtie taken to all sorts of foolish places, ties so skinny you could cut cheese with them. Luckily there are plenty of other options out there from the likes of Canali, Drakes, Marwood and Oliver Spencer. Take a look through and hit here for more buyer’s guides

Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

DrakesPrinted Foulard Paisley Tie

Currently on sale, this print has to be one of Drake’s finest. 30z fine silk, this untipped number uses over-sized paisley to pack a lot of colour onto the fabric without creating something gaudy.


Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

Brooks BrothersStriped Repp Ties

The ever reliable Brooks Brothers have been churning out classic ties for some time now, an apt description for this striped option. If you’re looking to keep it simple any of the multiple variants of this style will see you right.


Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

MarwoodMesh Lace Silk Tie

Marwood founder Becky French knows a thing or two about accessories having picked up skills at both Ralph Lauren and Aquascutum. Layering ecru lace over a dark base, this Made in England tie keeps things interesting.


Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

The Hill-SideSashiko Indigo Tie

The skinniest of our line-up, not a fan of these super slim models so I’m torn with this one. It’s made it in purely because of the incredible use of Japanese Sashiko fabric. A Super thick weave, this can also double up as a judo belt, Olympic stylings.

Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

Oliver SpencerFairisle Knit Tie

Handmade in Italy, this was an easy pick. A square end knitted Fairisle navy tie.  What else could you possibly want?


Buyers Guide   Six Smart Ties

Canali –  Grey Flecked Wool/Silk Tie

Grey flecked anything is always a good start. A decent width on this tie from slick Italian outfitters Canali. A wool, silk blend fabric, the colourway means this will go with just about anything. Straightforward.

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