Food & Beverages August, 13 2012

Beer | Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

You can’t swing a gilded axe in a liquor store these days without bringing at least ten different IPAs crashing to the ground. Trust us, we tried. So yes, a crowded field, that of the India Pale Ale. Still, when we see one we haven’t tried, we are generally helpless to resist. Especially when there are neato modifiers at play, as is the case with Deschutes Brewery‘s Chainbreaker White IPA.

Seems the thrust here is that you will get so keyed up on this arid hoppy beast that your bike chain will suffer for your newfound zeal. No pedaling went down after we worked through a six pack, but this IPA—really more of a dryPA—impressed in a weird way with an almost musty flavor that conjured convoluted modifiers on the receiving end, like “grapefruit shortbread cookies.”