Fashion August, 15 2012

Store Visit | Blackbird and Blackbird Apothecary

I was passing through Seattle last week and even though time was tight, I needed to take a look around Blackbird. We have leaned pretty heavily on the store’s wares in promoting the Black Metal Serfwear aesthetic that we are still admiring, but the real surprise was their full scope of menswear options. There are three price points, and a noticeable gradient as far as the intensity of the looks. Ballsy pieces from Rick Owens, Odyn Vonk and Siki Im hold court alongside more egalitarian fare from the likes of A.P.C. and Wings + Horns. More after the jump.

The store is a fertile space for a dude to experiment with some new looks while feeling good in some more basic stuff. Owner Nicole Miller enthusiastically buttressed this sentiment with a story about a 16-year-old lad who came in with some money he’d saved up to buy some fancy jeans. Instead he walked out in a sweater with a leather cuff around the neck. “It changed his life,” she beamed.

The Blackbird Apothecary next door takes a similar approach to making men smell better. Having abandoned spray-on musks about the time that Drakkar Noir went out of style, for me, the apothecary sparked a renewed interest in smelling good. Here, the attributes of the many high-end fragrances on display are open to interactive studies in odor with no observations falling out of bounds. If you think something smells like a barnyard cat, say so. It will make them happy.