CASIO G’zOne Extreme Sports Video Project

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Created to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, Casio introduces the G’zOne mobile phone. Equipped with a protective bumper frame, the G’zOne is, an overall slim yet rugged device. The built-in camera and G’zGEAR app – a program that includes an Earth Compass, Thermometer, Sunrise/Sunset, Tides, Walking Counter and Star Gazer all bundled in one – makes the phone an ideal choice for extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts.

To promote the phone, Casio partnered with to identify three different extreme sports crews that encapsulate the G’zOne concept. Each of the three crews –the Longboard Girls Crew of Madrid, Spain, the world-renowned parkour troop Tempest Freerunning from Blacksburg, VA, and the Skyliners base-jumping group – were captured on video testing their abilities to the maximum, and, in the process, showing us how well the G’zOne stands up to a bit of punishment.

Along with the three videos, Hypebeast has created a microsite that outlines the key features and factors of the Casio G’zOne mobile phone. Check it out at

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