Food & Beverages August, 20 2012

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Gifts for Coffee Fans

People are snobbier about their coffee than ever these days. Never have I heard the uncomfortable phrase ‘My Barista’ used in a sentence more than in the past couple of years. In the words of the late Whitney Houston ‘It’s not right, but it’s ok’. Coffee is pretty amazing and if chasing the perfect cup is a trend then so be it.  While all the gadgets and paraphernalia are nothing new, the appetite for spending money on them has certainly rocketed. An Our Legacy button down or a Rapha Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper? It’s tough out there right? Take a look at our list of the pretty and the useful in the world of coffee junk.

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KalitaStainless Steel Dripper

We featured this one a while back, the Kalita Drip in stainless steel. A Japanese design, better looking than its plastic bros, designed to be used with its very own wave filters. Handsome.

Labour & WaitJapanese Coffee Pot

Yeah, more beautiful Japanese goods. Labour & White offers these in a few colours, brew up in the pot cowboy style if you like, this can be used straight on the hob.

Maillard- Milk Steamer

Like a bit of milk in your coffee? Want your dairy all frothy eh? Well here’s the jug to whip up a storm in. Made from durable Cromargan stainless steel with a 20oz capacity, so slick.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso MakerBuyers Guide: 6 Gifts for Coffee Fans

The Aeropress may not be a looker but if anything on this list makes it into your kitchen it should be this. Fancy coffee shops keep them on hand and we continue to bang on about them because they don’t take up counter space, they’re cheap and they work every time.

Milano Black Espresso CupsBuyers Guide: 6 Gifts for Coffee Fans

Durable tulip shaped espresso cups for those bored of drinking out of a Duralex glass or others looking to introduce saucers back in their lives.

RaphaChris King Espresso Temper

So this exists. Designed in collaboration with the America Barista & Coffee School and bicycle components company Chris King, an espresso tamper with stainless steel base, and aluminum handle featuring “the iconic styling of a Chris King headset”.  Oh, you a pro now.