A Brief History of Leica Cameras

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We almost resisted there urge to drop a “we like-a Leica” joke, but, well, there it is. The beloved German camera house turns 100 next year, and Leica Rumors provides a celebratory little stroll down lens-memory lane. Anyone who has shot through a Leica lens can tell you there is a difference, and aesthetically, the cameras seem to look better every year. Many interesting stops along the way, too. For instance: “1934 The LEICA 250 ‘Reporter’ contains a ten-metre film and delivers 250 exposures without the need for reloading.”

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  • Guest

    can’t this all be in one page? seriously. 17? Really?

  • http://twitter.com/filmdevelop BelieveInFilm

    The early Leicas are wonderful. I’m not super impressed with the new ones but they have their place.