Buyer’s Guide: 5 Drop-Crotch Jogging Pants

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Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

While paying a visit to Blackbird recently I was presented with a bit of common sense that had somehow escaped me while surveying drop-crotch pants: They fuck with your locomotion. “You need to be committed to the style,” the shop guy told me. “You can’t really cross you legs in them, and you can only lift your legs up so high.”

Disheartening news, as function outweighs fashion for my daily purposes. With that in mind, here are some drop-crotch joggers that can float the sag boat (or, better, sink the sag submarine) while also (hopefully) providing a full range of motion. These still give that strange illusion of, well, adolescent angst, while also looking rather dapper and relaxed—perfect for lounging your ass off. Have a look after the jump.

Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

The droop is barely there in these Topman Purple Drop Crotch Jogging Bottoms. Nice indoor color and the contrast at the waist and ankle give a little tap of pop. That bib front pocket situation is also interesting. You could wear these all the way to the food court at the mall.

Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

Also a mild groin cavern in these Superfine Black Cult Lounge Pants. The backs are faded out a bit, which I guess makes it look like you have had these in the drawer for longer than you really have. Mild advantage, there. Otherwise, these are super clean.

Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

The Blood Brother Drop-Crotch Jogging Pants are certainly the most Black Metal Serfwear of the bunch. If you had these on with a burlap tunic on top and were carrying around a blood-stained pitchfork and a torch, it would look totally natural. You could also just wear them with a t-shirt while playing Madden 13.

Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

The extreme crotchness is just a whisper on these Silent by Damir Doma Jersey Jogging Trousers. Things look relatively normal with just a quiet blast of drop. Not sure why you would want to wear them with big heavy boots, though. Slippers with the heels stepped down seem like a better bet for lounging.

Buyers Guide: 5 Drop Crotch Jogging Pants

To truly own the mysterious weirdness of full drop-crotchedness, you need to head in the direction of the Rick Owens DRKSHDW Drop-Crotch Sweatpants. This is lounging your ass off in the most literal sense. This is also precisely the silhouette that seems to make this style of pant such a question mark for most. Speaking to his overall aesthetic, Owens makes the case: “It’s about an elegance tinged with a bit of the barbaric, the sloppiness of something dragging and the luxury of not caring.”

That hits it on the head for me. The draw of drop-crotch pants is all about the luxury of not caring. In fact, not caring is what a truly deep lounge session is all about: I could be doing something important right now, but I don’t care.

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  • Phil

    …and I have to say, I will no longer be reading Selectism. It’s been a fun couple of years, but seeing DROP CROTCH track pants? Yeah, you guys are absolutely fucked.

  • DEv

    Yeah, i have to agree, i was also having the WTF moment when i saw these, not only because they had there disastrous fashion moment years ago but also because they don’t belong here

  • C-Stylez


  • jackoff

    So mauve velvet tracksuits, crocs , excessive chest hair, halitosis and murses next season?
    Don’t come here much, I guess things have really changed, what are you going to do next start doing sports articles?

    • pollard

      murses have already been covered extensively on this blog.