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Launched last week to much fanfare, is a new members-only “curated” travel program that looks to offer approved members access to a select list of hotels and destinations at discounted rates. As for who will approved members are, their FAQ outlines it kindly: “creative professionals, tastemakers and frequent travelers who appreciate curation, design, and great value over bargain-basement price shopping and recommendations amassed from dozens of anonymous reviews,”

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With more than 80 properties already available to members, looks to provide members with significant discounts – up to 40% off common rates. Founders, Josh Spear and Aaron Rutledge has pulled together a strong list of Curators and Tastemakers to select the destinations offered by

Like all good things, membership comes at a price. entry is $199/year. While the service is still fresh on launch, we expect to see many strong additions to their offering.

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