Watch | The Sartorialist Dinner in Florence, Summer 2012

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Watch | The Sartorialist Dinner in Florence, Summer 2012

The summer heat of Florence did not stop the high dignitaries of menswear from coming together for The Sartorialist’s regular dinner in Florence during Pitti Uomo. Italy and the world’s finest came together for good food and (we hope) even better conbersation. While you may not have been invited, Schuman shares the view for all to see.

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  • pr

    wank fest

  • Tony Manero

    Quite the worst thing I’ve seen – since the last one. Self-importance meets a truck load of silly American old-Europe sychophantism.. We can agree what the world needs is more gratuitous flashes of cufflinks, watches and cigarette cases. Bravo, Brava, Bravi!

    • thevoyce

      I’m glad you’re speaking for yourself…. and I’m sure this isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever seen, stop it

  • 2be

    self congratulatory twaddle

  • Damien


  • zendr

    beautiful film which lovingly captures the camaraderie and taste of a very special tribe. thanks for sharing and don’t listen to the haters scott

  • Lordlapel

    Double wank fest