PAX by Ploom – A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

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PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

For years, smokeless vaporizers were at-home devices requiring a fair amount of power to properly heat tobacco and other organic product. Their size, complexity, and maintenance limited their portability, but like all good innovation, the market changed.

PAX by Ploom is the most beautiful portable vaporizer you have ever held or laid your eyes on that properly works as a vaporizer and keeps you inconspicuous. Keep reading for our full review.


PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

In the last few years, two products have ruled the portable vaporizer market: the Magic Flight utilizing a high-amp rechargeable AA batter for power; and the butane based iolite vaporizerPAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer. While both are quality devices, they are restrained by recharging and refueling

But a new contender from e-cigarette maker, Ploom, has set the bar with their new PAX by Ploom device: a portable, pocket sized, rechargeable vaporizer that heats and works while remaining inconspicuous.

PAX by Ploom is a gorgeously designed portable vaporizer that fits easily into your palm of your hand. Wired rightly describes the PAX by Ploom as a game changer in the manner that the iPod changed the MP3 market. There simply is no better designed vaporizer on the market today. To hold it in your hand is like holding no other device. The exterior is made from anodized black aluminum and looks incredible.

The good folks in the Ploom R&D department spent some time in making the PAX a user friendly device. On the outside and when in its off position, the PAX looks like small oval cylinder measuring around 4-inches in length. At the top of the PAX is a magnetic door that opens the “burn” oven where users can add their tobacco or other organic material. To turn on and activate the PAX, you simply click “open” and extract the mouthpiece (on the far end) which automatically starts the PAX’s heating element. A colored LED indicator on the body of the PAX gives the user status on the heating and readiness of the burn. After a short 30-second window, the LED indicator will shine green telling the user that is it ready for use.

PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

Turning off the PAX by Ploom is as easy as retracting the mouthpiece back into the closed position. If you happen to forget to retract/turn off the PAX, the unit will go into an automatic sleep mode after a short period – a highly important safety in the PAX and one of our favorite features.

Three heating levels allow for users to dial in their proper heating temperature. The internal battery life in the PAX by Ploom is damn impressive and should last for some time in your travel bag or pocket.

What really makes the PAX by Ploom shine over other vaporizers is the charging base and stand. Rather than fumbling with rechargeable batteries or refilling fuel tanks, the PAX by Ploom easily slips onto its charging stand in a vertical position. That’s it. Simply use the device and drop it back onto the charging stand when needed.

PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

The PAX by Ploom does comes at a price. At $250 retail, it is on the higher end of the portable vaporizer market, but the gains and returns make it money well spent for any professional smoker looking for a smokeless experience. Available direct from Ploom.

Our talking points on the PAX by Ploom:

1. Elegantly and beautifully designed with an anodized black aluminum body.
2. Stores easily into your pocket, purse, or travel bag
3. Internal battery allows for many uses of the PAX before charging is necessary
4. The charging stand, like the PAX body itself is well designed and easy to use.
5. Fits in your hand while remaining inconspicuous
6. Automatic standby by and cool down.

PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

PAX by Ploom   A Beautiful Portable Vaporizer

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  • gustodink

    best portable vape out. only problem is it gets pretty hot when used for extended periods

  • Dr. srdx man

    HEALTH WARNING: The Pax is a piece of junk. It does NOT flow vapor into the mouthpiece as advertised causing the user to suck hard on it, resulting in the mouthpiece heating quickly and burning the user’s lips. The company, Ploom, does NOT stand behind the product with a 30-day money back guarantee.. and there’s a reason for it.. the company is not honorable and they know the product is a dud. BUYER BEWARE.

    • Bayoublue

      If properly loaded and tamped, the mouthpiece does not require hard sucking. It heat up ONLY with hard sucking, and even then you’d have to try really hard (and stupid) to get it hot enough to burn you. I cleaned once a week with heavy use, it works perfectly.

      • Christopher Morton

        Exactly. It took me a few uses before I realized I didn’t need to pull so hard. Not only did I get better pulls, no more burn. Puff it like a cigar – it is perfect!

  • JYARz

    If you like the Pax Ploom, you might like a great little container that I designed to go with it (any portable vaporizer). JyARz are glass-lined and eco-friendly and will last a lifetime, because they’re modular.

    For more details go to:

    If you will try and review a JyAR, I’ll send you a sample free of charge. Just send an email to with your name and address (reference the above review) and we’ll send you one or two.



  • Jeff Kendall

    Pax is straight up legit. My buddy at hooked me up with one to try and I fell in love. It’s mad easy to use and it works really well for a portable vape. I say for a “portable” because it still doesn’t compare to the Volcano, but, then again it’s not nearly as expensive and has the added bonus of being cordless and compact which lets me carry it around in my pocket. It has had some problems with the mouthpiece, but nothing a solid cleaning can’t fix and I don’t know what “Dr. srdx man” is talking about because there’s no problem with vapor flowing through the unit… in fact, you can even press on the chamber lid (the bottom) lightly in order to create a vent for enhanced airflow. I know that last bit sounds crazy but I’ve caught myself doing it here and there.

  • yoyo

    this looks like a pax sponsored page. it lacks the cons part of the review. these things need to be cleaned all the time or it stops working.

    • John

      That’s not really a con.

      If you use vape weed out of it (which isn’t what it was designed for) the THC resin will gum up and make the mouthpiece stick. But if you’re using tobacco like how it’s supposed to be used, you won’t have a problem.

      • Guest

        “which wasn’t what it was designed for” – Riiiiiiggggghhhtt. Never seen a tobacco user with a plume, let alone any other handheld vape other than an e-cig. If you are one, pardon.

        In any case, yoyo – what vapes don’t need to be maintained frequently? I have never had a single one that I did not have to poke, prod and clean. Please recommend if you know a good one…..

        I did figure out a good trick to get many more uses before needing a cleaning. Completely dry flower. If you let your flower sit to dry until it can literally be smashed into powder by fingers (but DONT do that!! :) It will actually be less sticky while heating it. Also – if the mouth piece gets stuck while you are away from home, I find that if you try to pop it in and out as fast as you can – it comes out every time. Then you can give it “cat” cleaning. Works for me.

        My complaint about Pax – really hot vapor which lacks flavor.

  • S3

    This is an incredibly pedestrian piece. I just got a Pax and it is a most sensitive and finicky device.

  • cooljames

    Overall, this device does everything that a lower-priced vape does. It obviously has a ton of additional features, but the basic design of the product falls short of “it just works”.

    The good:

    - Variable heat settings

    - Motion-detector to save battery

    - Rechargeable, dock included

    The bad:

    - Defective by nature. Ploom advises routine maintenance with poorly-packaged food-grade lubricant to maintain the simplest mechanism (heating up)

    - Poor mouthpiece design. The mouthpiece is the switch. It’s plastic connected to metal. The switch breaks (see aforementioned lubricant maintenance) and the mouthpiece gets very hot.

    Overall, I suspect the design team started with all the mega-features and forgot to nail the basics. Sure it’s awesome, but it’s not decent. I regret my purchase.

  • nateeey

    does it come with a USB charger?

  • Aaron

    From personal experience as well as reading many reviews I’ll say that there isn’t a clear-cut leader in the portable vaporizer market. Each one of the pieces mentioned above has a different feel to it and different quality vapor.