Accessories September, 14 2012

Goyard Limited Edition Handmade Brand Book & Customisable Trunk

Goyard’s iconic print continues to pull in fans worldwide. Cleverly pushing this sweet design in numerous colours and various forms, the 160 year old trunk maker has found itself firmly in the spotlight once again. In typical ‘extreme-luxury’ style, Parisian publisher Devambez has sought to bring the companies rich history together in book form. Just 233 editions (its original store number on Rue  Saint-Honoré) of this volume will be released, a visual account of its past covering photographs, catalogue images and customised items from its early days, all brought together in this handcrafted, numbered gem, complete with its own trunk ready for you to personalise. An incredible item, fans a little short on the 6000 Euro price tag will be able to view one of the copies donated to libraries worldwide. Nice.