Design September, 20 2012

The Home of Hideto Irikawa – Kamakura, Japan

I’ve found the house I want to live in for the rest of my life. It’s in another country and there’s a man living in it but these are merely obstacles to be overcome. Hideto Irikawa is a business owner and consultant but more importantly a man of great taste. Expertly captured by The Selby, his home in Kamakura (the beautiful beach town a train ride from Tokyo) is a collection of superb, mainly beige coloured things. A madras carpet, 60s curtains, Bossa Nova vinyl, midcentury furniture, incredible sound system and plenty of trinkets keeping it all interesting. He also has a garage full of shiny Classic Cars including a Porsche 1600. Yeah, sounds about right. Hideto’s going to be really sad when I inform him it’s time to leave.