Books & Magazines September, 22 2012

“La Perla: Lingerie & Desiderio” Book from Rizzoli

Italian high-end lingerie, La Perla, celebrates the history of their crafted lingerie in the new book, La Perla: Lingerie and DesireLa Perla: Lingerie & Desiderio Book from Rizzoli. The book is a guide to the history of the lingerie house, started in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna, Italy. “La Perla’s lingerie is a mix of beauty and seduction, and it is the unparalleled choice for women all over the world when they want to feel sensual and desired.”

The 247-page La PerlaLa Perla: Lingerie & Desiderio Book from Rizzoli book highlights the couture lingerie through excellent illustrations and photography showcasing the houses archive of “exceptional” intimate garments.

Coming October 23 from Rizzoli. Pre-order from AmazonLa Perla: Lingerie & Desiderio Book from Rizzoli.