Chinese Families’ Worldly Goods – Photographed by Huang Qingjun

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The BBC turns us onto the photographic work of China’s Huang Qingjun. For nearly a decade, Qingjun traveled to remote parts of China to photograph the common people and their possessions – and convincing them to bring them all outside for the portraits. The resulting collection of photography shows not only how certain aspects of the modern world have slowly moved into the rural areas of China – televisions, telephones – while other common utilitarian devices have not.

We share the photographic work of Huang Qingjun in our gallery.

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  • MrTuttle

    Common people similar contempt for such people include the great unwashed, the plebeians or plebs, the rabble, riff-raff, the herd, the proles and peons.

    Who knows how they live!!!
    So thankful I can consume $11,000 coffee makers and not care! Hahaha!!!
    Let them eat cake erm Chinese cake! Hahaha!