Art October, 4 2012

Colby Poster Printing Co. ‘Made in L.A’ Exhibition – KK Outlet London

KK Outlet tell us about their latest venture, a little bit of California landing in London’s Hoxton Square with the arrival of the Colby Printing Co. ‘Made in L.A’ exhibition. A family run business based in downtown L.A, the traditional printing press makes what is described as “high art and low culture prints” in garish colours all of which will feel very familiar. From Colette Paris to missing pets, Ragga nights (Cutty Ranks anyone?) to political posters, these guys have been plastering walls with rainbow messages for quite some time now. Graphic artist Anthony Burrill brings together the best of the bunch from this eccentric operation, showcased at KK Outlet where you’ll also be able to purchase limited edition runs. Check out our gallery for more eye assault business.

Made in L.A runs – 5-27 October. KK Outlet  42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB