Music October, 5 2012

Baron Wolman for Boom-art – Rolling Stone Skateboards

Skateboards are a thing of the present in my life, but they do create an aura of nostalgia that cloaks the senses while pushing about on concrete and asphalt. Sometimes this finds me recalling skate jaunts to the grocery store by my parent’s house, where I’d camp out in front of the magazine rack, reading things like Rolling Stone. At the time, the mag had long abandoned the wild grit that made it a cultural force in the ’60s—moving on to covers with strategically seated nude sitcom actresses (which suited me fine at the time). Where the hell was I? Oh yes: famed RS photographer Baron Wolman has teamed with Boom-art for a series of hand-screened Rolling Stone skateboards with real-deal imagery that puts layers of nostalgia in pitch-perfect harmony.