Art October, 9 2012

Folk Fibers – Handmade Quilts for Levi’s ‘Made Here’ Project

We take a closer look at some of the products that resulted from a rather interesting collaboration back in the summer. Maura Grace Ambrose is passionate about crafts, specifically quilting, and has built ‘Folk Fibers‘ around producing one of a kind examples using 100% organic dyes, hand stitching them herself or sometimes with a little help from the community in her native Austin, Texas. A few months back she was filmed as part of Jay ‘One Trip Pass‘ Carroll’s ‘Made Here’ project for Levi’s, which developed into a special range of quilts, all including parts from recycled Levi’s or Dockers, to be sold in very small numbers in-store. The resulting products in the gallery and the short film will give you some idea of the detail and skill that goes into making these beautiful throws. Maura is constantly looking for new ways to stitch, quilt or colour, experimenting with traditional Japanese methods (Sashiko, Shibori…), using vegetables to create dyes as well as side products outside of quilting such as handmade leather wallets and moccasin shoes. We’ll be keeping an eye on this very talented lady.