Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

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Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

It’s that time of year. Sandals and various other examples of delicate footwear take their place at the back of the cupboard, the chunky socks come out and thoughts turn to soup, porridge and casseroles. That’s a long-winded way of saying it’s gonna get cold. Let’s stare at some lace-up boots in preparation, here’s some favourites from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Meg Company, Mr Hare and Ann Demeulemeester. For more Buyer’s Guides click here.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

Meg CompanySanto Domingo Boot

Santo Domingo, part of the Meg Company family, produce these wrong but strangely right patchwork boots, leather, suede and a little bit of madness.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

Mr HareFreud Boots

The most refined of the bunch, this combination of smooth and pebble leather and ghillie style lace up closure is a nice compromise between smart and sturdy.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

Alexander McQueenBurgundy Boots

The leather on these is incredible. Burgundy always a good choice for a boot, the cap toe and paneled construction add something interesting to a relatively simple style.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

Ann Demeulemeester - Scamosciato Ingrassato Boots

Tall, Suede, all black stompers from Ann Demeulemeester. These are a bit of a cheat with that side zip but we’ll overlook, they’re ‘reverse calf’ after all.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

Grenson for Heritage ResearchToe Cap Boot

A collaboration that’s thrown out some great footwear, British-made and Goodyear welted, a traditional boot with contrast leather panels and a neat toe cap.

Buyers Guide: 6 Fall Winter Lace Up Boots

CarvenMixed Leather Boots

A great use of grain leather in that navy colourway. Grosgrain ribbon heel-tab, pinked tongues, red stitching…blue with black doubters take a look, sometimes it just works.



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  • k

    What are the boots in the first picture (with the headline)?

    • Those boots

      I’m wearing them right now. Red Wing Iron-ranger.

      • ecibis

        Those aren’t iron rangers in the pic. IR have a double stitched toe-cap and a rise in the back of the leather at the rear of the boot. They also have a different sole that doesn’t appear to be stacked. Does anyone know what the first pic is? Thanks

        • Crown Am

          Vintage Chippewa Katahdin boots. They’re available from LL Bean. That pic was posted awhile back on the Style Forum website.

  • Le Double Ve Vintage

    Great boot collection. I’m still partial to a worn-in pair of Corcoran jumpers. Their tanker style is pretty rad too.

  • csaba Fikker

    Ann Demeulemeester – Scamosciato Ingrassato Boots would be the only one I want from this collection :(