Fashion October, 12 2012

S.E.H Kelly Green Tuck-Stitch Crew-Neck Wool Jumper

As you’d expect, for London’s S.E.H Kelly knitwear is a serious business. No detail overlooked this simple crewneck packs a lot into a relatively simple looking package. A ten guage knit “i.e. there are ten stitches to the inch”, when folded the jumpers is equivalent, we’re told, to four stacked corduroy shirts. A heavyweight number which remains soft to the touch, lambswool with a cashmere feel, an interlocking tuck stitch is used creating a basket weave pattern. Most impressively however are the clever, hidden side pockets with horn button closure allowing for hand warming if you’ve misplaced your gloves. Of course, it’s a bit of a looker too. Convinced? Head over here.