Fashion October, 24 2012


City guides, welcome back. We return to the series, stepping away from London for a moment, the beautiful Danish capital, Copenhagen, gets its turn in the spotlight. Today’s guide is Kasper Hostrup, founder of menswear store GOODS. A buyer for large retailers who decided to go it on his own, his smart space in Østerbro carries the likes of Mackintosh, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Porter, Han Kjøbenhavn, Garbstore, YMC, Andersen-Andersen and Norse Projects. Here, Kasper takes us around his favourite spots, including a 1930s Public Baths to the oldest cinema in Denmark.

David’s Bistro – Århusgade 22, 2100 København

David, a chef who was taught at the Michelin restaurant “Kong Hans”, started this intimate French inspired bistro, they do classical bistro style food made from scratch using the best quality produce. David is a good friend of mine and we often sit down in the restaurant to talk about what’s what in the area right now. Even though we are two very different kinds of businesses we get great inspiration from each other, mostly due to the fact that we are both so passionate about what we do. Swing by this restaurant if you have the time to enjoy a very good meal – if you don’t have the time they also do takeaway!

Østerbro Public Baths – Østerbro Svømmerhal og Kurbad, Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3

A regular indoor swimming pool and also a spa, facilities include a sauna, steam baths, cold showers etc. everything you need to really stress down. The building housing the pool and spa is quite unique. It’s built in a neoclassical style and was opened as far back as 1930. In 1997 they shut it all down, renovated the place and reopened again in 2005 – the style was kept intact and the marble and everything within is still there.

Gyhrs & Niller – Øster Farigmagsgade 31, 2100 København

They call it slow food, this food is made with all the love and care food needs to be really authentic. It started as a takeaway and still is, but they now have a few seats if you wish to eat in house. They make food as your mother does it, just better, all traditional no nonsense, and the atmosphere is very down to earth. No one is in a hurry here, and if you don’t the have time to wait for your food then go somewhere else!

Fælledparken – 2100 København

This park is one of the biggest in Copenhagen and the activity range here is one of a kind. Skate park, playgrounds, several football fields, grill spots, a music stage, a café and chess tables…everything you need as a modern park guest. The park is heavily visited during summer time but there is plenty of space for everyone. Recently it was renovated for a vast amount of money so everything in here is totally updated. Come here on a Sunday when the sun is shining and just chill out on the grass. It is a safe haven for most, not just for the people in Østerbro but for all Copenhageners.

Park Bio – Østerbrogade 79

This is the oldest cinema in Denmark. The place was drawn by the same guys who drew the Østerbro public baths and it is placed just down the street from the pool. This is one old school movie theatre and it is very different from all the other places in Copenhagen to go catch a movie. The movie quality is still top notch, newest technology, so no love lost there. The cinema only has projector, so the collection is somewhat limited – but that’s a part of the charm surrounding this place.

GOODS – Østerbrogade 44, DK-2100

As Kasper was too modest to add in his own store, we thought we’d give it a shout. As mentioned, all those menswear stalwarts are present so stop by and say hello to your tour guide.