Jack Daniel’s Frank Sinatra Select Whiskey Bottle

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Frank Sinatra rolled with Jack Daniel’s for more than 40 years. The Tennessee whiskey maker pays tribute to this one legacy drinker with a special edition 90-proof bottle featuring the “Sinatra Select” mark. The one-liter bottle looks to sell for $150 and includes a specially designed gift box featuring a booklet about the Daniel’s x Sinatra connection.

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  • http://twitter.com/CABabylon California Babylon

    Santa, I hope you’re paying attention you fat bastard!

    • KrisKringle

      Yeah, California Babylon, I’m paying attention. And, yeah, my moms was an Arctic ho, but now I’m freakin’ Santa and you’re an a-hole for calling me out. You’ll be getting jack for Christmas, not Jack.

  • king32

    Well, seems fair enough.

  • Bruce Baert

    FRANK SINATRA FINALLY GOT HIS OWN DRINK. AND I’M GLAD I SAW HIM IN CONCERT BEFORE HE DIED!!!… When I saw Frank Sinatra live in concert circa 1986 or so, (I took my Mom, along with neighbor Jimmy Adams who took his Mom Ann, for Mother’s Day, at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA), Mr. Sinatra said at least a few times during the show into the microphone to us, his audience: “Where’s my Jack?”– referring to his drink which he had up on his drummer’s stand, but he seemed to keep forgetting that. He kept it flowing of straight Jack… Or, does anyone know, was it Jack and Coke?? On the rocks? Anyway, The Chairman of the Board was awesome, sounded good, even tho he was smoking and drinking and was 70 years old.