‘Arts of the Samurai’ Bonhams auction Incredible Costumes and Armour in New York

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Last month Bonhams auctioneers put together an amazing lot entitled ‘Arts of the Samurai‘ Described as ‘the policing force of Kyoto’s 12th century imperial government,’ the Samurai went on to take administrative control from the Imperial house eventually finding themselves at the top of the table in terms of Japan’s caste system. Of course, this meant incredibly ornate costumes and armour created to signal wealth and power as well as scaring the living daylights out of the enemy. The auction house presented some eye-popping examples; frightening, beautiful and completely outrageous in terms of design, the quality and craftmanship that went into these pieces, from swords to helmets, was second to none. Take a look through the gallery for more.

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  • simonthevimon

    It is totally not cool that they would wear a swastika on the helmet – I mean; they should look through history and think about the nazis, they don’t want to be associated with them. Some great nation might be offend of that and attack them

    • z

      Ignorant sure is a bliss. Please look up the history of a swastika.

      • simonthevimon

        yea, my point exactly; they should look it up in the history book. I mean, they could probably even back then find an early version of wikipedia and read about it

        • NealT

          Are you saying that Nazis existed in 12th Century? It’s a Buddhist symbol and has no relation what so ever to Nazis.

  • JZ

    First read about this via a tweet from Bench & Loom back in early October and then followed the auction. The results were pretty attainable considering the history, level of craftsmanship, and beauty. Extremely impressive works of functional art.