Art November, 6 2012

“Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights” Book by Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake & Dinos Chapman have always been big fans of freaking people out. If those mutant Nazi schoolchildren at White Cube Gallery didn’t scare you just a bit then respect is due. While they may not be the critics favourite (and certainly not to everyone’s taste), they do know how to put a great book together. With the help of Fuel Publishing the brothers hope to scar your children for life with a series of gruesome illustrated tales that, if you do actually allow your kids to read, may find you in trouble with Social Services.

Bedtime Tales for Sleepless NightsBedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights Book by Jake & Dinos Chapman is described as a reimagining of the Victorian morality tale. “Wrought from the innocent language of the children’s colouring book, the messages they sagely pass on to our younger folk are far from the saccharin coated yarns familiar to the genre.” If that wasn’t enough the launch saw the bros dressed as creepy rabbits signing copies from a broken down Wendy House.

Find a copy over at Fuel Design and AmazonBedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights Book by Jake & Dinos Chapman. Take it easy kids.