Fashion November, 8 2012

Surf Brand M.Nii Fall Winter 2012 ‘Cold Weather’ Collection

M.Nii‘ sounds like the name of futuristic tech-wear brand. It’s not. Quite the opposite in fact, this 50s inspired surfwear label started as a “mom-and-pop tailor shop” in Hawaii which eventually went on to create the first true surf trunk. “It was a natural progression: first, local waveriders brought their “baggies” to M.Nii’s for repairs. Recognizing the need for durability and comfort, M.Nii built simple twill trunks made specifically for surfing.” They soon became the favourite of the champion rider and find themselves, today, churning out a full collection with the same early spirit. For Fall 2012, Cold Weather clothing for those out of season beach dwellers featuring 50s/60s classics such as the wide striped t-shirt, abstract aloha prints, chinos and their standard surf short. Great stuff, find it all here.