Books & Magazines November, 9 2012

Eastman Leather Presents – The Type A-2 Identification Manual

When Gary Eastman of Eastman Leather told us he was producing a book on the legendary A2 we got pretty excited. This iconic piece of military outerwear has stood the test of time, its appeal crossing over from vintage enthusiasts into the fashion market. The authority on vintage military outerwear, this particular model is Gary’s speciality, his encyclopedic knowledge the reason Eastman’s Leather reproductions are considered some of the best in the world. The key of course is detail. The book covers everything from zippers to stamps, labels to press studs. The little things matter when it comes to the A2. With so many makers creating this under government contract between 1931 and 1943 collectors have found it difficult to obtain information on their original model. “This reference address’ this, by revealing factual information and documents that were collated from a number of official sources and government records. It is the only complete work of its kind, categorising every maker, and every contract that was ever made, allowing the reader to look up a run-down of specific data in a series of data-plate spreads on each model.” The result of ten years of research and 30 years of collecting, this one will most definitely be finding its way onto the bookshelf.

The launch takes place 8th December, 4pm-9pm at American Classics, 20 Endell Street  Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BD. Gary will be signing the book and showing some rare examples from his collection. We’ll be giving this the ‘A Look Inside’ treatment very soon.