Food & Beverages November, 13 2012

Beer | Backacre Sour Golden Ale


Some good friends of mine make this Backacre Sour Golden Ale, but there is not a drop of favoritism in my saying that it is damn delicious. These friends are married to one another and moved to Belgium for a couple of years to research Flemish methods (and visit the Belgian Underpants Museum) before getting into business, so there’s some pedigree in the tart, effervescent elixir.

They use a blend of yeasts and age the stuff in oak barrels somewhere in the wilds of Vermont. What gets bottled is actually a blend of the juices from multiple barrels, so they’ve taken to calling their operation a “blendery.” Look for the stuff when travelling through the Green Mountain State. It is in limited supply, so savor with meats, cheeses and the serenity that life lived at the proper speed affords.