Fashion November, 13 2012

Leather Soul Celebrates 8 Years with Alden & Reyn Spooner

Leather Soul Hawaii first opened its doors in Honolulu’s Topa Financial Center in 2004. Now, with an additional location in Beverley Hills, the store has found itself at the forefront of men’s luxury footwear, stocking the likes of John Lobb, George Cleverley, Saint Crispin’s and Edward Green. To celebrate their 8th Birthday they’ve put together this interesting pack. Firstly, working with good friends Alden, on offer is the LS8 Chukka. Horween color #8 shell cordovan on the Leydon last. Alongside this a truly interesting release. Joining with another Hawaii-centric name, Reyn Spooner, their orignial Lahaina Sailor pattern is used in a patch shirt “reminiscent of old Brooks Brother’s oxford shirts.” Made in Honolulu, a slim modern fit, vintage buttons and colourway chosen to compliment the Alden’s. Matching shoe and tote bag included, this pack will be available in a run of 88 instore or via mail order. Details here.