Uncategorized November, 13 2012

The Ultimate U.S Navy WWII White Tee – Eastman Clothing

Another great reproduction from Eastman.  Anyone who has spent time sifting through those Life archive military sections will have laid eyes on the U.S Navy white tee. Starting off as an underwear garment, a very specific cut and texture, these were often worn tucked into a pair of high-riding USN denims, light enough for working in warmer climates. Based of course on an original, Japanese ‘slub yarn’ cotton is cut into a slimmer body, open style neck, shorter sleeves, a slightly more fitted tee that stops short of skinny. Constructed on original 1940’s ‘body-size’ looms, the shirt is made as a tube meaning no side-seams and stamped with the U.S Navy Contract number. A simple tee with almost two years research and developement behind it, find one here.