Grooming November, 15 2012

Imperial Barber Products Gift Sets

As I mentioned last time I wrote about Imperial Barber Products, my wife is a hairstylist and her grandfather, a barber. He used to own a barber shop on Colfax Avenue in Denver called the Uppercut. It was the manliest of zones, frequented by anonymous men and those with famous stations in life, like professional boxers and politicians. I imagine that part of what Imperial Barber Products is trying to regain through an allegiance to the clean comb lines and tight fades of yesteryear is the notion of a place where men can just be men. Sitting chairs surrounded by men, getting manly haircuts, talking about manly things and, in essence, recharging their manliness.

This being the 21st century, the very notion of manliness is as subjective as your favorite flavor of ice cream, but I’m pretty sure the basics still apply. Manly men handle their shit, no matter what that shit might be. And one of the models in Imperial’s new campaign is Tyler Wells, co-founder of L.A.’s Handsome Coffee Roasters (the guy with the lighthouse tattoo). I know this fella, and I’m sure that, just like me, he enjoys a cool slap of Imperial’s Bergamot After-Shave before slaughtering his days. If you know some dudes like us, buy us one of these gift packs for the holidays. We will thank you with sweet, sweet manliness.