Design November, 16 2012

Kenya Hara of Muji Introduces ‘Architecture for Dogs’

Muji’s Art Director Kenya Hara works alongside Imprint Venture Lab and a selection of designers to create entirely unnecessary but completely brilliant ‘Dog Architecture‘. Hammocks for Jack Russells, ramps for short legged canines, mobile homes for Shibas…while seeing a dog in a cone is pretty amazing in terms of laughs, the project is, on the whole, a serious one. With blueprints for DIY efforts available online and flatpack versions on sale next year, this is really happening. Rethinking the needs of the animal and its interaction with our environments, Hara comments “We chose dogs because it’s a universal topic. Wolves interacted with humans, and it changed the course of their history Dogs are man-made creatures forced to cohabitate with humans, so architecture for dogs is a reasonable inquiry.” We won’t argue with that. Check out the designs in our gallery and over at the powerful ‘Architecture for Dogs’ Youtube channel. There’s a Chihuahua trapped inside an orange cloud ok?