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As far as band merchandise goes, this Slayer Jumper is rivaled in weirdness only by the Bob Dylan teddy bear that was for sale on his website a couple years back (these days, a laptop bag is as bonkers as things get in Zimmermantown). Ebay might be your only shot at landing the sold-out jumper at this point, but really, who can put a price on a sweater bearing skulls, pentagrams and lots of bold black and red.

The fact that it is being marketed as a Christmas sweater adds a layer of irony to something made for layering. Want more? Slayer also presents a blanket for all your satanic picnicking needs.

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  • really?

    Why post about it after it sells out, you stupid fucks?

  • really

    Why get so upset?

  • Paul

    Yeah…sucks that’s sold out. They should have a back order option so I can maybe wear it next year. That would be brutal.

  • chump

    ‘word-renowned metal band’ Your typo came up #1 on Google search. Good job. Besides Slayer isn’t Satanic. They are anti-Christian but not Satanic. Not that it really matters but you (blog writer) really don’t know what’s going on, do you?

  • chump

    ‘Word-renowned metal band’ Your typo came up #1 on Google search. Good job. And Slayer isn’t Satanic, their music is anti-Christian, but not Satanic. You (blog writer) really don’t know what is going on, do you?