Maison Martin Margiela Hidden Section Silver Ring

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A little pre-Spring Summer 2013 offering from Maison Martin Margiela. As ever with MMM, nothing is quite what it seems. Not satisfied with just creating a good old Made in Italy Chunky tarnished silver ring, those whiley lab-coat covered cats had to construct a secret compartment for hiding away microscopic goods. “This ring from Maison Martin Margiela plays on the central theme of illusion that runs through each of the Parisian brand’s collections.” You Guys! Find it here.

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  • -bs

    so is it made to hide tabs of acid?

  • simonthevimon

    Yea, that definitely ain’t gonna be used to hide coke.
    I mean; a compartment of that size can be used for a dozen of things. Coke ain’t even close to be on that list